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Moon Water Crystal Bottle

Moon Water Crystal Bottle


Working With The Magick Of Moon Water


Every phase of the moon holds magick, and now you can capture some of it for your own use.

You can create Moon water by leaving water outdoors to charge under the moonlight. Because the Moon affects the ocean’s tides, there’s already an energetic connection between the element of water and the Moon.


1. Place your bottle somewhere outside so it can absorb the Moon’s energy

2. Hold your palms over the water and picture the lunar energy moving through the crown of your head, down your spine and arms, through your body, and out of your palms into the water. As you do so, focus on the intention you’re setting.


3. Give thanksHold the jar of water close to your heart and express gratitude to the Moon.

Finally, leave the water to charge overnight.


Blessed Be.



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