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Smudge Kit

Smudge Kit


This sacred bundle has been carefully curated to assist with your smudging needs.

Here's what you get:

  • Abalone Shell
  • White Sage bundle
  • White Sage clearing spray
  • Feather smudge fan with a selenite handle to enhance the positive energy as you use it.
  •  Palo Santo holy wood sustainably harvested
  • Rose Quartz and Tourmaline natural gemstones

Comes in a white box with natural straw bedding and decorated with fallen leaves, twigs, nuts, dried flowers, spikes of wheat and other gifts of nature.


Safety – Remember, Abalone shell it is not heatproof. Ensure that you place the abalone shell on a heatproof container when smudging or placing on any other surface as the shell can get very hot. Also remember when finishing that you should fully extinguish your smudge and yes, it can be used again and again.   

Disclaimer:  Using this kit should never replace medical advice or traditional treatments. We do not claim to be medical professionals and advise that appropriate medical advice be sought for serious conditions or any health issues.

Please keep in mind that there will be slight color, shape and size variations as they are all-natural products and not one is the same.

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